Greater Than Symbols

Here you will find various types of Greater Than symbol and their Alt codes, Html codes, and descriptions. You can copy and paste the Greater Than symbol in any documents, blogs, web, etc. Click on the symbol to copy.

List of Greater Than Symbol Alt Codes

Symbol Description Alt Code HTML Code
> Greater-Than Sign 62 >
Greater-Than or Equal To 242 ≥
Greater-Than Over Equal To 8807 ≧
Greater-Than But Not Equal To 8809 ≩
Much Greater-Than 8811 ≫
Not Greater-Than 8815 ≯
Neither Greater-Than Nor Equal To 8817 ≱
Greater-Than or Equivalent To 8819 ≳
Neither Greater-Than Nor Equivalent To 8821 ≵
Very Much Greater-Than 8921 ⋙
Equal to or Greater-Than 8925 ⋝
Greater-Than But Not Equivalent To 8935 ⋧
Greater-Than with Question Mark Abov 10876 ⩼
Greater-Than or Slanted Equal To 10878 ⩾
Symbol Description Alt Code HTML Code
Greater-Than or Approximate 10886 ⪆
Greater-Than and Single-Line Not Equal To 10888 ⪈
Greater-Than and Not Approximate 10890 ⪊
Greater-Than Above Similar or Equal 10894 ⪎
Slanted Equal to or Greater-Than 10902 ⪖
Similar or Greater-Than 10910 ⪞
Double Nested Greater-Than 10914 ⪢
Greater-Than Closed By Curve 10919 ⪧
Greater-Than Closed By Curve Above Slanted Equal 10921 ⪩
Triple Nested Greater-Than 11000 ⫸
Double-Line Slanted Greater-Than or Equal To 11002 ⫺
Small Greater-Than Sign 65125 ﹥
Fullwidth Greater-Than Sign 65310 >

How to insert Greater than or Equal to Symbol in Word, Excel and PowerPoint using Alt Codes?

Make sure the numeric keypad is activated on the keyboard. Place the cursor where the Greater than or Equal to Symbol is required and then press and hold the Alt key and type the required alt code value from the above list and release the alt key.

Examples of Alt Keyboard Sequences

Alt + 62 = >

Alt + 242 =

Note: Alt Codes works on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Almost all alt code shortcuts work on Microsoft Word but some alt codes may not work on Excel and PowerPoint documents.