Alt Codes for French Accents Marks

Here is the list of French alt codes, French accent codes, Html codes, and their descriptions. You can copy and paste French accents marks into Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Click on the French characters to copy.

List of Alt codes for French letters with accents

French accents marks on letters

Symbol Description Alt Codes HTML Code
À Capital A with grave Alt 0192 À
à Lowercase a with grave Alt 0224 à
ä Capital A tréma Alt 0196 Ä
Ä Lowercase a tréma Alt 0228 ä
 Capital A with circumflex Alt 0194 Â
â Lowercase a with circumflex Alt 0226 â
Æ Capital AE ligature Alt 0198 Æ
æ Lowercase ae ligature Alt 0230 æ
Ç Capital C with cedilla Alt 0199 Ç
ç Lowercase c with cedilla Alt 0231 ç
È Capital E with grave Alt 0200 È
è Lowercase e with grave Alt 0232 è
É Capital E with aigu Alt 0201 É
é Lowercase e with aigu Alt 0233 é
Ê Capital E with circumflex Alt 0202 Ê
ê Lowercase e with circumflex Alt 0234 ê
Ë Capital E with tréma Alt 0203 Ë
ë Lowercase e with tréma Alt 0235 ë
Î Capital I with circumflex Alt 0206 Î
î Lowercase i with circumflex Alt 0238 î
Ï Capital I with tréma Alt 0207 Ï
ï Lowercase i with tréma Alt 0239 ï
Ô Capital O with circumflex Alt 0212 Ô
ô Lowercase o with circumflex Alt 0244 ô
Œ Capital Oe Ligature Alt 0140 Œ
œ Lowercase Oe Ligature Alt 0156 œ
Ù Capital U with grave Alt 0217 Ù
ù Lowercase u with grave Alt 0249 ù
Û Capital U with circumflex Alt 0219 Û
û Lowercase u with circumflex Alt 0251 û
Ü Capital U tréma Alt 0220 Ü
ü Lowercase u tréma Alt 0252 ü

How to Type French Letters with Accents using Keyboard Alt Codes?

Make sure the numeric keypad is activated on the keyboard. Place the cursor where the French special character is required and then press and hold the Alt key and type the required alt code value from the above list and release the alt key.

Examples of Alt Keyboard Sequences

Alt + 0192 = À

Alt + 0228 = Ä

Alt + 0200 = È

If you want to know how to insert special characters & symbols using Windows Alt codes then please check out how to use Alt codes and also check the accents Alt Codes list.

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